Here you'll find sample code, utilities, tips and tricks for developing desktop and web applications using Oracle, Visual Basic and Java.

Sample code usually consists of fully working programs that can be compiled and executed, but they're written only as memory aids and are not intended to have any practical use. So, for example, they remind me how to code a call to an Oracle stored procedure from Java or Visual Basic, passing a mix of different argument types and getting a resultset back.

Utilities are also fully working programs or procedures, but these have a definite practical purpose, and I've used them many times.

Tips and tricks are just that - code snippets, useful registry entries - a collection of useful or not so useful information.

· Calling Oracle stored procedures from ADO
Contains a complete example of generating an ADO recordset in a Visual Basic program from a packaged procedure written in PL/SQL.
· Calling Oracle stored procedures using JDBC
Almost the same as the above, but written in Java.

· Load databases from spreadsheets
Someone gives you an Excel spreadsheet of tabular data, and you need to get it loaded into an SQL database - any database.
· Extract data from databases into Excel spreadsheets
Almost the reverse of the above. You have lots of lovely data in your SQL database, and someone would like an extract in the form of an Excel spreadsheet.

Tips & Tricks